Factus de materia levis elementi / folio sum similis de quo ludunt venti

Welcome to my page! I'm Brennan D.K. Corrigan: enjoyer of all things codical, calligraphic, and conlangy. I hold a BA in Linguistics and an MFA in Literary Translation from German. I currently work in audio processing for Cherokees Writing the Keetoowah Way, a project of the Digital Archive of Indigenous Language Persistence.

Here you will find all of my arts on display, as well as life updates and journaling.

  • Scriptorium will take you to my historical calligraphy.
  • Worldbuilding to my constructed world, languages, and related arts.
  • Journals will let you know what I've been up to recently.
  • Chatbox allows you to leave a message for me (and anyone else who can view the chatbox, fyi).

My most active social media presences are my Instagram and Facebook.