Veistu, hvé rísta skal? Veistu, hvé ráða skal?

Welcome to Sylvan Scriptorium!

I'm Túathal na Coilleadh, currently writing from the Barony of Stonemarche, East Kingdom. My main research and recreation interest is in the manuscripts of western European Middle Ages. Here you will find my research, descriptions of my scribal projects, and helpful links for paleography and calligraphy.


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About the Scribe

Túathal na Coilleadh is a 14th century Irish persona currently residing in the Barony of Stonemarche, East Kingdom, Society for Creative Anachronism. During his time in the Middle Kingdom, he was awarded the Gilded Reed of the Middle Marches by Their Excellencies Talymar and Melisande of Middle Marches, for his scribal service to the Barony. Outside of the SCA he studies literary translation, writes fiction, and improves on his constructed language. He can be contacted via:
Instagram: @sylvanauctor
Facebook: brennan.corrigan.50